Pedal Extensions

Pedal Extensions With A Raised floor

This adaptation works on the same principal as our standard pedal extensions with some additional engineering; namely raising the vehicle floor. If the pedals need extending by more than 4 inches it is a sign that the driver’s feet do not reach the floor of the vehicle.

We can extend single pedals, 2 pedals or all 3 if needed.

Pedal extensions usually have a quick release mechanism which means that the vehicle can be driven in the conventional manner.

Floor Mounted Left Foot Accelerator

Left foot accelerators provide a simple solution for those with a limited use of their right leg because they enable both the accelerator and the brake to be operated with the left foot.

Very similar to the flip up system, the floor mounted left foot accelerator can be fitted to all ‘organ style’ accelerator pedals. The system links a new accelerator pedal to the left hand side of the brake pedal which in turn pushes the existing accelerator with a roller, giving a smooth and progressive throttle response. The existing accelerator pedal is in turn protected by a pedal guard so that it can’t be accidentally pressed with the right foot.

The whole system works on a quick release mechanism so that it can be used by someone wanting to drive in the conventional way.

Pedal Extensions

Perfect for anyone with short legs who needs to drive either a manual or automatic car, our universal pedal extensions bolt on to the existing pedals in your car and bring them approximately 90mm (3.5 inches) closer to the drivers seat. This allows short drivers to adopt a safer driving position as they are able to sit further back in the seat offering improved visibility. It is also safer as the driver is further back from the airbag should it be deployed.